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The Transformational Sport Programme

There are some situations in sport that can feel unique to you and your situation and we understand that.  We have taken our vast sporting experience at a local, regional and national level working for Governing Bodies, funding agencies and strategic partners to develop a series of workshops that help sporting organisations.

To enquire about hosting a workshop or to find out when the next open programme workshops are scheduled, use our enquiry form.


Sport Mentoring workshop

This workshop develops your ability in mentoring others.  open to coaches, officials, volunteers and sports professionals, the support you will receive will boost your confidence and provide you with your own framework for successful mentoring.


  • effective questioning to raise awareness
  • listening skills
  • building an effective relationship
  • giving appropriate feedback
  • mentoring practice and supervision
  • goal setting to improve performance


  • an improved confidence in mentoring others
  • a structure to develop your own model around
  • an understanding of the impact of mentoring
  • a personal development plan to improve your skills
  • a better understanding of how others learn (see learning cycle below - Kolb-)
  • practical experience of mentoring
  • a network of peers to support and challenge you

This training and support is unique to wctd limited and we guarantee to assist you to develop your mentoring skills to where you want them to be, or give you a full refund.  In addition, we welcome your continued involvement with totally free life time post workshop support and assistance.

No other training provider offers this guarantee on sport mentoring development or this level of service.

Grant funding workshop

if you have ever searched for or applied for funding to complete a project, you may well have felt a little overwhelmed and wondered where you can find some assistance.  this workshop will assist you in your search for funding and provide you with some tips to make your application successful.

We are experts in finding appropriate funding to develop facilities and initiate projects.  our grant funding workshop is for any 'not for profit' organisation that is looking to access funds to improve what they offer to its users, from a governing body to a small club or community organisation. 

we don't just give you some advice, we work with you before the workshop to understand your needs and then tailor the delivery to match the requirements of all delegates and their organisations.   this means that we can give you some tips, help to share practice between organisations and unlike any other grant funding service, help you to develop your skills in finding funding and making successful applications.


- current grant streams available

- what funders want to hear

- building in legacy and sustainability

- developing your skills in completing applications

if you would like even greater assistance, we offer a full grant finding service and can even apply on your behalf. Find out more on our funding page.


High Performance Environment workshop

Athletes are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and to contiune to challenge and support them, everyone involved in sport needs to have the same mentality.  what do you do that keeps you ahead of the game, innovating and creating the right environment?

This workshop looks at how successful individuals and teams do things differently and asks you to challenge yourself and others to create the most effective environment for continuous improvement.

Ideal for coaches, officials, volunteers and teams, not everyone from the team has to attend, but delegates will take away some new ideas about how to motivate everyone towards the same goal.

Every one of these workshops has a different conclusion as we help you to begin creating the best possible environment for you and your athletes, whatever their level. 


- establishing support v challenge

- collaborative goal setting

- giving feedback that changes behaviour

- managing change and innovating


Dealing with Parents workshop

Feedback from recent research carried out with coaches and coach managers revealed that one of the biggest challenges faced by coaches is the attitude and sometimes hostility from parents. 

We work with businesses to help their people to have difficult conversations and give feedback that can create a more supportive, innovative environment. these two skills, along with an understanding of how to quickly build relationships, form the basis of this training.

As a result, you will find it easier to relate to parents and other people who can challenge decisions and processes.  once you have built stronger relationships, you will find more allies in your organisation and be able to work together more effectively. 


- how to build relationships and trust

- active listening and effective questioning

- having difficult conversations

- giving feedback for behaviour change

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