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Bespoke Training

Coaching skills for leaders

Coaching is a transformational tool that allows people to help others to solve problems, gain insights and improve their performance.

We believe coaching to be non-technical; i.e. - a coach does not have to have the same skills or better than the person they are coaching.  Performance coaching as a discrete technique has regularly been proven to improve relationships and accelerate results within organisations.

- questioning skills
- setting achievable, agreed, testing goals
- building relationships quickly

- advanced questioning skills
- active listening for improved coaching
- giving feedback


Influencing and negotiation

Great negotiators are trained not born and we can help you to get the best out of situations where you might usually feel intimidated or reluctant to negotiate a better deal.

Few people enjoy conflict. The good news is that our “fight or flight” response can be limited to create a more helpful reaction, deal with highly stressful situations and improve your chances of negotiating successfully.

If you are to negotiate successfully, you must have a plan and you must know what you are prepared to leave the negotiations with. Just as importantly you must know what you have that the other party might want and how valuable this is to them.

Who and Why?

Anybody who is customer facing will benefit from focusing their thoughts on what they have to offer and how they can get the best out of negotiations for their company and the customer. In particular, managers who are regularly involved in maintaining relationships with customers, suppliers or contractors.

- Pre-negotiation tactics and techniques

- “Live” negotiation techniques

- Team games and practice

- Building relationships for great negotiations


- Experience of getting to know what people really want and why they want it

- Development of your listening and questioning skills and other tools to build relationships

- More confidence when dealing with people or situations you are uncomfortable with

- A personal development plan to continue developing your skills

See anything of interest?

All of this content is designed and has been delivered for many clients in different sectors.

Tailoring the content to your specific situation is not expensive and can have an even greater impact on results.


Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Presentations with impact

Need to communicate effectively to individuals or to deliver key messages to large audiences? This training investigates how to communicate a simple message for the most effective response and builds your confidence in front of others.     

Great presenters use minimal audio visual assistance and can hold the attention of audiences of all sizes. Whatever your role and however you currently deliver presentations, this workshop  will give you the insight to inspire others through presentation.

Who and Why?

This workshop is useful if you have to present at meetings, including board meetings, and if your role includes having to deal with customers and be the face of the company. In addition the workshop can help to improve your confidence in one-to-one situations where you are dealing with colleagues and putting over your point of view.


- Developing the “how to” part of presentation skills

- Role-modelling great orators

- Improving your confidence in presenting

- Building stories and messages to inspire



- Improve your communication confidence

- Notice what you do really well and what you can develop

- Begin to develop presentations that do not rely on PowerPoint

- Identify key strategies that will allow you to gain the attention of the audience

High Performance Environment

This workshop looks at how successful individuals and teams do things differently and asks you to challenge yourself and others to create the most effective environment for continuous improvement.

Every one of these workshops has a different conclusion as we help you to begin creating the best possible environment for you and your organisation. 

Who and Why?

Ideal for teams although not everyone from the team has to attend, delegates will take away some new ideas about how to motivate everyone towards the same goal.


- establishing support v challenge
- collaborative goal setting
- giving feedback that changes behaviour
- managing change and innovating


- Improved understanding of the theory of motivation

- Consideration of what changes can take place for your team to improve its performance

- Identify where the stress points are in team communication and engagement

Resolving conflict

If you feel you are having to continually deal with people who put barriers up and see these relationships as a battle, we can help!

Everyone is different and understanding how and why people become disruptive and hard to deal with is key in overcoming problems when relating to others.

- different personality types
- active listening for improved understanding
- resolving differences, moving on
- using coaching skills to manage performance


- Improve your confidence in dealing with difficult people

- Learn some of the techniques used by sporting professionals to contain their emotions

- Enable your skills in negotiating positive outcomes in stressful situations.

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