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Workforce Skills Audit

Workforce Skills Audit

Three questions:Skills Pic

1. How much do you know about the skills of your workforce?

2. How much do you know about how their skills match the person specifications for their role?

3. What is the difference between the skills you need now and the skills you will need in 3,5 and 10 years time?

We work with companies to help them define the skills they really need in their workforce and identify where to get these skills. In addition, our insight will ensure that the skills gaps and skills shortages of the future are planned for before they arise and cost you valuable development time.

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Audit against recognised Standards

This type of audit is developed against the Nationally recognised Standards that are used to create qualifications for the people and the roles you hire for.

Using this database of Standards, we are able to analyse the Person Specifications and the skills of your employees to identify where issues lie. There are two types of issues;

- Skills Shortages (for which you have to hire new people)

- Skills Gaps (for which your people require training)

One example of a skills gaps would be the need to use the company Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software, which would no doubt be in a role description. If people are not able to use the system, this is a gap for which training could easily be identified.

Skills shortages are more complex in that you probably need a qualified HR professional to run the HR Department. If you don't have someone with this qualification, you will need to hire in expertise.


Audit against personality and skills

To examine Job Descriptions and Person Specifications and identify a match or otherwise is a detailed process and each time you hire somebody new, you have to repeat this process.

However, using psychometric testing this process can be developed once and then automated so that all current employees have their skills AND their personality preferences matched to their role and any new hires (and even the process of hiring) can be streamlined through the use of a series of questions.

If this all sounds too good to be true, there is only one catch and that is finding the right company to work with, who use the right software at the right price!

We believe we have found such a company and we partner with them to bring affordable, simple solutions to companies that want to understand more about their people, their skills and how to use them effectively.

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