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Providing grant funding to charities and groups that do great work is often vital and always welcome, but what is the true cost and what are the outcomes and outputs resulting from the provision of your funding.

If you had to answer the question now how much qualitative information could you give and how accurate would your statistics be?

We understand why these questions are asked and provide a service that seamlessly fits into your processes and gives detailed insight into how your funding is spent and what benefits are provided as a result.


Monitoring and Evaulation

Measure the outcomes against targets and report on successes of projects or schemes both qualitatively and quantitively.

Impact Studies

Measure the impact of your funding against a specifc objective.

Impact studies can be useful to provide a baseline of statistics that prove conclusively that you are doing a great job.

In addition, they may be used to:

- develop a new strand or project

- identify existing recipients that require additional support

- prove to your funders that you require more funding

- provide statistics that include how much funding is levered by your seed funding


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