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The Golf Club Managers' Association is an organisation with over 200 members. wctd has facilitated sessions at their conferences and other events and completed an employee engagement for the membership.

BTME Golf Week 2013

SW GCMA Conference


The BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition in Harrogate plays host to many seminars and a host of exhibitors. We were asked to deliver a session on behalf of the GCMA and developed a workshop that fitted the theme of teamwork, based around the wctd workshop 'High Performing Teams'.





GCMA Conference November 2013

In 2013 Steve Woolland presented two sessions at the GCMA conference at the Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire.  The first session presented the data from the recent employee engagement survey as detailed on this page and the second was titled 'How to be an inspirational leader'.  The presentation from this session can be viewed above.




Employee engagement survey

The GCMA approached us to deliver at their conference and we were keen to give some real life, specific information to the managers attending and so agreed that we would jointly provide an employee engagement survey for GCMA members. 

The results were presented back to the delegates (above) along with some other useful information that would allow them to make decisions about why they should engage employees and what the key performance game-changers are.

Our findings supported other work we have completed in this area, in that employees who feel they are listened to and environments that encourage conflict resolution make changes to employee behaviour that improves profit, reduces churn and makes an organisation a more innovative place to work.


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