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wctd limited, the experts in people development and funding:

- Support to find and apply for grants and consultancy for grant funding providers

- Improve performance with bespoke consultancy, performance coaching and training


Our work gives you the resource you need to get on with the day to day running of your business.


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Steve Woolland

Steve Woolland 7


With a background in sports performance, coaching and development, Steve has a wide range of experience in the commercial and voluntary sectors.  As a coach and trainer, Steve combines a background in coaching sport and in business, with a strong knowledge of skill acquisition, resulting in a collaborative approach that is adaptable and effective.

Steve is a performance coach accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and also holds a NLP Coaching Diploma and a Facilitation Award along with membership of The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

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Karen Woolland

Karen Wctd











Karen has experience of working in development and grant funding environments and is a multi-sport projects specialist.  With an innate ability to plan strategically, develop partnerships with governing bodies and funding agencies and assess and apply for grant aid to deliver specific requirements, Karen provides tangible support to organisations that require or issue grant funding.

Successful funding bids on behalf of governing bodies and member organisations have resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment in the development of facilities and people.

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